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Clinical Research Key Points Summary

Clinical Trial Tools

Clinical Trial Tools have been created in cooperation with the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Clinical Trials Audit and Compliance Office (CTAC) and the Emory's Office of Compliance (OC) for use by Investigators and their study teams involved in clinical trials. These are optional templates only. Please modify them to meet the needs of your department or trial. All forms can be found on the Clinical Trials Audit and Compliance website. Clinical Trial Tools.


Investigational Devices

Emory Medical Laboratory (EML)

Emory Electronic Medical Records (EeMR)

The Emory Electronic Medical Record is the core of a patient centric environment and serves as the single source for information processing and access for a number of clinical processes and applications that integrate within the EeMR.  For more information, visit web page Emory Electronic Medical Records.

If you have study monitors that will need to review subjects charts in EeMR, please contact the following for people for the appropriate forms for the locations indicated:

Emory Research Management System (ERMS)

Note: The form below is used for Emory studies that are clinical trials with no Emory Healthcare billable procedures or services. These types of studies do not require OCR initial submission, however, the form must be submitted to before the study is activated in ERMS.


OCR Submission


Note: There are two research forms used for Emory studies that require Radiology services.  Please review the research forms below on the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences webpage.

  • Order for Research Study in Emory Radiology
  • Emory University Radiology Checklist