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The OCR Clinical Research eForm is a new electronic platform implemented by the Office for Clinical Research (OCR) to replace paper format of several forms used for submissions to various departments at Emory University for clinical research.

You can submit the following forms you the OCR Clinical Research eForm:

  1. OCR Submission Form
  2. Clinical Trials Activation only Form (formerly ERMS Clinical Trials Activation Form)
  3. Clinical Research Key Point Summary (CRKP) Checklist
  4. Emory Medical Laboratory (EML) Checklist
  5. Radiology Checklist
  6. Subject Tracking Only
  7. Expanded Access

Note: If you have a study or amendment was submitted to OCR via paper format (before the launch of the OCR Clinical Research eForm), DO NOT resubmit it electronically as it will further delay your application process.


Staff who has an Emory University username and password can access the OCR Clinical Research eForm Application. You must be signed into VPN to access the form.


For more information about the OCR CR eForm Application: