Training for Clinical Research Staff

As a clinical research new hire, members of the clinical research study team are encourage to complete the Clinical Research Orientation and Emory New Employee Welcome Session to acclimate you to Emory University and ensure that you have a proper welcome to our amazing academic community! Obtaining your Emory Net ID is essential during this process to gain entry to various systems needed for training.

The Office for Clinical Research (OCR) provides education and training to all members of the clinical research team and offers baseline training, guidance, and support for those who are either conducting or coordinating research that meets the NIH-definition of a clinical trial (which includes FDA-regulated studies) at Emory. Review the Training and Education guidelines for the following clinical research roles:

  • Investigators (including Co-Is, Sub-Is)
  • Investigators who are magnet-designated®
  • Clinical Research Nurses
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Other Key Personnel (i.e., recruiter, data specialist, etc.)
  • Clinical Research Staff at Emory affiliated sites

Note: For anyone observing or shadowing an investigator, clinical research nurse, or clinical research coordinator, please contact for guidance.

Whether you are just starting out or an expert, visit both the Clinical Trials Audit Committee (CTAC) clinical trials guidebook and resources, and the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (GaCTSA) free, high-quality educational programs for clinical research professionals. They both are an excellent resource for supplemental learning.

Training for Other Staff or Supporting Roles

There are several job roles in the list below that support the study team in conducting or coordinating the clinical study or trial. If your job duties consist of consenting subjects or managing the protocol plan, you may be required to complete one or more of the required courses. For assistance, please contact the Office for Clinical Research at for a member of the Education and QI team to help guide you with your training requirements.

Examples of other staff or supporting roles:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business Manager
  • Clinical Nurse
  • Data Coordinator
  • Fellow
  • Financial Manager
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Infusion Technician
  • Intern
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Student
  • Monitors
  • Non-clinical Investigators
  • Other Collaborator
  • Pharmacist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Research Administrator
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Research Interviewer
  • Resident
  • Regulatory staff
  • Statistician