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OCR Policies and Guidelines

In clinical research, remote/external patient monitoring uses digital technologies to monitor and capture patients' medical and other health data and electronically transmits this information to healthcare providers for assessment when necessary.

Your monitor will need access to Emory Healthcare's Medical Record System - Epic.

For Study Coordinators: You must complete the required forms for your monitor to gain access to Epic via the Emory Healthcare Link, which provides provision to review relevant patient information. See the Remote Monitoring workflow process.

For Study Monitors: After the Study Coordinator has asked for your access, Emory Healthcare will notify the Study Coordinator that entered the Link Access Request. The Study Coordinator will contact the Study Monitor to sign into Emory Healthcare Link.

Emory Healthcare Link is a secure, web-based portal (not an electronic medical record) that allows external healthcare entities (e.g., referring providers and study monitors) to view relevant patient information and perform service-oriented tasks (e.g., refer patients to Emory, enter orders). To close the loop at the end of patient care at Emory, referring providers will be sent messages containing a continuity of care document via Emory Healthcare Link.

Resources or Tips Sheets

  • Tip Sheet for Research New Account Request
  • Tip Sheet for Study Monitors for Non-OnCore and Non-Epic Studies

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External Policies and Guidelines

  • Sensitive Studies Policy (coming soon)