Clinical Research Orientation

The Office for Clinical Research (OCR) provides a mandatory in-person orientation for all clinical research staff, separate from Emory University New Employee Welcome Session.

Clinical Research Orientation (CRO): is required to provide new hires conducting or coordinating an NIH-defined clinical trial with information and resources about their job role, including the research offices involved. New clinical research staff can visit Emory Transportation for parking hangtags, Emory Administration for EmoryCard/ID Badge, and Emory Employee Health for health checkoffs.

Emory Healthcare (EHC) Credentialing will be fast-tracked for staff who meet specific criteria and have completed all required documentation per the checklist before orientation.

View Emory's Required Training for Investigators and Coordinators policy.

View Clinical Research Executive Summary and Training Schedule including scope, onboarding details, and staff levels.

Who Should Attend?

All new hires, rehires, and those who have been promoted in a new clinical research role (excluding investigators) at Emory University and Emory Healthcare conducting or coordinating an NIH-defined clinical trial.

Orientation Information

  • Course Format: In-person at 1599 Clifton Road Bldg., Atlanta, GA 30322.
  • Course Length: 4 hours.
  • Course Dates: Every 1st Monday of each month (except holidays).
  • Course Cost: $0.00.
  • Course Registration:
    1. Login into Brainier via the Self Service Portal, and clicking on the "Learning Management" Tile and then the "Learning Management-Brainier" Tile.
    2. Enter your Emory University Network ID and password.
    3. Click in the search bar at the top of the page.
    4. Enter the course name “Clinical Research Orientation.”
    5. Click “Register" for the course start date you want to attend.
    6. Click “Register" in the pop up window to confirm enrollment.
  • Related Courses: Clinical Research Training per Trainings Tracks assigned at Orientation.
  • Pre-work Required? Yes. Complete the eCREST (Emory Collaborative Research Training) profile and upload the required documents.
  • Continuing Education Credits: No.
  • Renewal? No, unless you receive a promotion or a rehire.
  • Clinical Research Orientation Handout Documents

Training Information

  •  Clinical Research Training In-House (Track 0)
    • Course Format: In-Person at 1599 Clifton Road Bldg., Atlanta, GA 30322 Room 5C
    • Course Length: 8 hours.
    • Course Dates:Tuesday following Orientation monthly.
    • Continuing Education Credits: No. 
    • Clinical Research Training In-House Documents
  •  Clinical Research Training Remote 1 (Track 0 & 1)
  • Clinical Research Training Remote 2 (Track 0,1,2 & 3)

Additional Resources

Orientation Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline Dates

Orientation Date
Registration Opens
Registration Deadline
September 11, 2023August 21, 2023

September 1, 2023

October 2, 2023September 8, 2023

September 22, 2023

November 6, 2023October 13, 2023

October 27, 2023

December 11, 2023November 17, 2023

December 1, 2023