OnCore is a web-based enterprise-wide clinical trials management system (CTMS) that will simplify the management of clinical research and integrate multiple functions including protocol administration, participant tracking, and sponsor invoicing. OnCore CTMS will align with the Emory Healthcare Epic electronic medical record system to reduce redundancy across the enterprise and to enhance patient safety and research billing compliance.

The following are REQUIRED studies to be entered in OnCore CTMS:

  1. All studies with Emory Healthccare or Grady bilable items - regardless of sponsor/funder- requiring a Prospective Reimbursment Analysis (PRA)/Coverage Analysis (CA).
  2. All Studies meeting NIH clinical trail definition regardless of billables.
  3. All studies where OCR performs the invoicing.
  4. All studies associated with Winship Cancer Institute.

The following are OPTIONAL studies that can be entered in OnCore CTMS:

("Shell Protocols" can be created with no calendar, PRA, or budget but allows study/subject cordination as needed):

  1. Non-interventional clinical research without billable items and no OCR invoicing
  2. Federal studies without billable items

Who will use OnCore?

OnCore will be utilized by anyone invloved with clinical research protocol, participant, or financial managment responsibilities for eligible Emory studies.

How can I get trained?

OnCore CTMS training is to instinct clinical research staff on how to navigate OnCore consoles for protocol managment, subject managment, and financial management. The course is an instructor-led demonstration and simulation. Students participate in, practice and complete modules within OnCore. For more information about OnCore, visit the OnCore SharePoint site.

What is the EMR Integration?

The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Intergration wil be Emory Healthcare's Epic medical record system. OnCore CTMS will intergrate with Epic on October 1, 2022 for subject registration, study and patient level documents, and billing review for clinical research.

For more information about Epic and training details, visit the Epic SharePoint site.

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